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Giving Your Pet the

Care They Deserve



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Our professional pet care specialists arrive at your home at the scheduled time. We then leash up your pup/s making sure your pup is dressed in appropiate gear. Our specialist are also geared with accessories to keep your pup safe while on their private walk throughout the neighborhood. In addition to this our specialists are actively aler and engaged while walking to give your pup the time to go to the bathroom and perform some fun games along the way. At home before leaving a fresh bowl of water and their favorite treat is supplied. A follow-up note and photo is provided through our newest software app.,
precise petcare.

Mobile pet sitting service:

When our professional pet care specialists are making visits to your home while you are away your pet/s are comfortable in their home environment. As a result, there is no chance your pup will pick up bacteria from kennels or feel anxious around other dogs. Complimentary to our services is taking in the mail, watering plants, taking our trash and crime deterrent strategies, such as rotating lights and moving cars around.

Realtor,take me out services:

Whether you are a home seller or realtor, no dog too small will provide pet services to include dog walking, dog sitting, cat crating and pet item removal during showings for both buyers and sellers. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Selling a home can be hard enough, but can be even more difficult for those homeowners who have pets. Your realtor will likely recommend that pets be removed from the house for showings in order to make your best first impression



The foundation of training a well behaved dog begins at this stage.

Puppies come into our lives with lots of unconditional love, plenty of

Wet kisses and also unwanted behaviors that need to be shaped, such

Nipping, biting, chewing, barking , and housetraining. This online video

Training is highly recommended for people who will be receiving a new puppy

Or who currently have a puppy under 16 weeks of age.

Homecoming for your new puppy may present some other concerns such

Preparing your family with puppy for life with baby , toddlers and children.

Puppies do not just figure it out, they need to be shown what your expectations

Will be in their new home and family. As a trainer I use positive reinforcement

Techniques to help shape these wanted behaviors.

Other techniques touched upon are the importance of acclimating your pup to

leash and collar, importance of hydration, when to begin socialization , handling

and how to introduce a new puppy into a home with an existing dog.

You’ll be sure to get your pup prepared and eager for the next level of obedience

Training . Building a trusting relationship with your pup will help prepare them

with a positive mindset .


    • A 6 foot leash

    • A crate with a divider
    • A flat collar


($530)( All sessions are 1 hour)

(once completing basic obedience receive 10% off daily dog walking

service when registered for the 3 or 5 day monthly service or registering

for at least 2 days of the monthly puppy playgroups)

The level II basic obedience is for puppies 4-6 months of age that have

Completed Level I

This 3-lesson package will teach your puppy to respond immediately .

Motivation and attentiveness is our goal at this level II training. Our

Initial intent to get your pups focus with treat reinforcement and

eventually weaning this out. In this package you will learn:

    • Heel
    • sit

    • Down

    • Stay

These skills require dedication, focus and repetition . However,

other training behavior such as not jumping, bolting through doorways or

stealing and begging for food will also be touched upon.


($580-$650) (All sessions are 1 hour)

(once completing basic obedience receive 10% off daily dog walking service when registered for the 3 or 5 day monthly service or registering for at least 2 days of the monthly puppy playgroups)

The level III -Building recall and and other necessary behaviors is for Puppies moving into adolescence 6-12 months of age that have completed Level II.


Did someone say ‘Come Jack’, and then Jack runs in the opposite direction. OH BOY! Lets talk RECALL and how to effectively make this happen. Someday RECALL will save your pups life.

In this 3 training session we begin the lesson with short leash in the house then progress with long leash outside with distractions. E-collar used upon Request.

If other training behavior are of more importance such as over-excitement, lunging and or barking on leash these will be addressed first. Also included are unwanted at home behaviors.


  • 15-30 foot long leash
  • *E-Collar

AGGRESSION AND REACTIVITY($700-$800)(All sessions are 1 hour0

Do you have a dog that bites people or animals or has tried to? Does your

dog bark, growl, lunge towards people or animals? Aggression does not to

Be this extreme as well.

In these 3 sessions we will determine the context of the aggression. I will

help you learn the following :

  • To safely and confidently handle a do with aggressive tendencies
  • To recognize the body language cues that precede aggressive behavior.
  • Desensitization using classical and or operant conditioning
  • Providing agency and advocacy for your dog at home and or in public places.
  • Enrichment and nosework games and activities that help build confidence and calm behavior for your dog.

Aggressive dogs cannot be cured or fixed . But they can be made easier

to live with , manage , calmer and safer. Your dog’s personality will not be

altered but his behavior and outlook will be changed.

Family paws dogs and storks/dogs and toddlers:

Homecoming will be here before you know it! For expecting parents with dogs in the household have a lot on their minds as they prepare for a new baby-the baby's health, mom's health, setting the nursery, the enormous life changes on the horizon. For expecting parents with dogs in the household, there are additional concerns: who will care for their dog during delivery? How will re respond to the baby? Will it be safe? Will he need to be rehomed?

No dog too small is there for when a baby is getting ready to sit up, crawl and walk. These new stages can be an exciting time for parents but often a stressfull time for family dogs. You can change that! Preparing with your dog for these

\Developmental milestones will help se everyone up for success! Babies become mobile quickly. Toddlerhood is a whole new adventure! Many dogs become uncomfortable with these rapid changes and increased movements of the baby. Be proactive and plan ahead for success for both the baby and family dog. Dog aware parents also adjust management and activities to match each stage for both dog and baby. Together we can build lasting bonds based on trust, respect and mutual comfort.

No dog too small offers program for new and expecting families with dogs:

*The dogs and storks program prepares families with dogs for life with baby.

*The dog and toddlers prepares families with dogs for life with toddlers.



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