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Personalized Care For 

Your Family Pet


CALL NOW: 781-218-9217

Insured and Bonded = Confidence

No Dog Too Small... Dog Walking  and Pet Sitting,LLC.

Personalized care for your pet

Details matter when caring for your pet

Servicing areas – Winchester, Woburn, Arlington,  Lexington and West Medford

Now hiring!

Dog and puppy training:

We practice Covid 19 prevention. Masks are worn at every visit.

we bring our own leashes and gloves are worn upon request. In addition we will wait outside so you may bring your pup outside to us.

About the Company

No Dog Too Small... Dog Walking  and Pet  sitting,  LLC. is a company that offers dog walking , Pet sitting, hiking, and dog training services to pet owners in Winchester and other areas in Massachusetts. In addition, we offer a parent education program for For families with infants and toddlers living life with dog/s.

Deborah Maida, our founder  started the company in 2013, after doing work with dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals. Until now, we continue to offer quality services that will give pet parents the peace of mind they deserve.

A Message From the Owner

No Dog Too Small...Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, LLC.

My fondest memory and the first experience with animals began when I was two years old. While sitting on the couch my eldest brother demonstrated how to make friends with our Newfoundland puppy, Baron.  While he compassionately pats the top of his head I looked on curiously to see just how he did this. He showed me where and how to pat him as not to hurt or irritate him in any way. Baron had an endearing personality. He was part of our family and we took him many places with us. Hikes in the fells reservation to beaches and dunes along the south shore. Animals were always part of our family. Our cats had their own special personalities, Tabitha was a beauty white long haired cat with one green and one blue eye, Ebony a sweet black cat with a shortened tail, perhaps a little mynx in her blood. Lastly, Tomasina, born from a litter raised on a farm. Her personality was never consistent and temperament unpredictable. We never knew if she was going to give kisses or a quick swipe with her claws.

Years later kyomi tsu an adorable shy shitzu came into my family's life. Allowing the opportunity for my grandmother and I to become close pet care providers when my parents were away.

Having Graduated from The University of New Hampshire with a BA in Psychology and the All-Eastern soccer Player award, Deborah's career began as a Case Manager in the field of mental health

and years later transitioned to wellness via a start-up company as a Personal Trainer.   She excelled at integrating comprehensive wellness into the lives of individual clients as well as groups through gyms, hospitals, recreation centers, and corporate accounts.    Deborah resides in Winchester where she attended Winchester High School and was hailed an All American Soccer player and three season athlete which earned her a spot on the American Women's Soccer Team, traveling to Europe to compete.   She received the Lauren Levy Award for athleticism and COMPASSION and was inducted into the Winchester Hall of  Fame for soccer and gymnastics.  A passionate mother and multitasking maven, Deborah enjoys spending time with her family and maintains a constant role in the growth of her business, No Dog Too Small...Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, LLC.

Mission Statement

No dog too small makes a commitment to providing a unique experience for our clients. Our priority is that you believe we add value to your pet care needs. We accomplish this through developing a secure, trusting relationship with you and your family whom also includes your pet/s.

No dog too small understands that a walk is more than taking your dog out to relieve him/her and a pet care visit is more than feeding and refilling water bowls. Interaction with your pet is a skill practiced regularly while on our visit with your pet. The photos and captions may be sent via a text directly to your phone, email or through our latest software pet care software.

No dog too small encourages your pets’ natural instincts through fun games and calisthenics on walks, hikes, and pet sitting.

Our mobile pet sitting is a service also marked for exceptional service. It is important to us that your pet is relaxed, comfortable and risk free from picking up bacteria if than he/she were in a kennel.

No dog too small's staff is cori/background checked. They are trained while in the field to avoid confrontation with other animals and or dogs while walking and hiking. We are always aware of the safety of your pet and have learned to understand animal behavior that warrants friendly or unfriendly behavior from other pets in or around our walking environment. Yes, we do! Always carry a bag full of poop bags to clean up after your pet and always make our best effort to curb your dog.

No dog too small begins with effective communication between us and our clientele. This is the foundation for building a solid long term relationship. So that our staff is following through the directions of our customers’ needs.


Our team members have a passion for taking care of dogs and cats.  They are well educated people in areas such as nursing, accounting and psychology. They continue to demonstrate a desire to learn even in the pet care industry.   Team members follow a guide to standards and high expectations so that the customer receives the best care.  Deborah requires her team members to attend monthly meetings to discuss

learning dog behavior and body language and how to keep our dogs safe, preventing dog bites or conflict between dogs and other important

situations that may arise while dog walking , pet sitting or even hosting a small group puppy playgroup.   

What We Offer